01THE DETAILSWhen you choose to work with Private Clothier you can expect an experience driven by personalized service, not an impersonal online experience. We become your partner, working efficiently and effectively to your communication style, to create the ideal custom commercial apparel solution for you.           scroll down           02TECHNICAL DESIGNERWhile our in-stock apparel can provide the best options for the extremely budget conscious client, our capabilities are only limited by your imagination and the styles of apparel you like. Private Clothier has a technical designer available to make your creations unique and exclusive.                                       03PRODUCTIONYour unique, custom apparel will be masterfully crafted in North America at our immaculate production facility. Every last detail is attended to as if it your job is our only job and you can rest assured that your delivery will be on time and you will be more than satisfied.                                 04RESULTSFrom private labeling to design elements to embroidery and more, your custom apparel solution is only as good as it looks and feels. With Private Clothier, it will look and feel great helping you achieve the results you need for a return on investment, whether that means happier employees, more sales, or a better branded experience.  
















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